Adding value; from intern to entrepreneur

How failures can lead to simple lessons and big change

By: Thomas Villeneuve, Co-Founder

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Sink or swim

Shifting this perspective from the business to consumer relationship, to the broader idea of businesses, we notice that new ventures are only sustainable if they are adding value to the entities in their communities and thus reaping enough profits to stay afloat. Should they not be able to provide value in excess of their cost, they fail.

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Start off as a 0

On the individual level, like a business, being a value-add to your team and community is a key driver for success. We all know, and some of us have been that team member who’s only contributions were read receipts in the group chat, complaints about the professor, and a name on the finished product.

Does it track?

This all boils down to the same central idea.

It’s up to you

In many ways, focusing on adding value has helped me in my personal, professional, and entrepreneurial ventures. I’ve learnt the need to be a value-add to succeed in any environment, the importance of building a solid foundation by completing the basics, and how to voice the value I aim to provide.

With all this in mind, it serves to wonder, in your circles, what value do you seek to provide?

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